Welcome to Industrial Handcraft - Elevate Your Space with Unique Designs

At Industrial Handcraft, we are your local source for exceptional custom fabrication and our signature metal table base products that we ship throughout the country. We proudly serve Long Island and beyond, bringing your visions to life and enhancing your living or working spaces with our craft.

Custom Fabrication Expertise
Our passion is turning concepts into reality, and we offer two distinct pathways to achieve your vision:

  1. Your Design, Our Expertise: If you have a unique idea or a detailed design in mind, we are here to collaborate with you. We bring your concepts to life, offering you an artisanal approach that turns your ideas into functional and breathtaking pieces.
  2. From Concept to Creation: Don't have a design yet? No problem. We can work with you to design a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your style and needs perfectly. Our combination of craftsmanship and creativity ensures a truly personalized solution.

Metal Table Bases: Elegance Meets Functionality
Explore our line of signature metal table bases. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our table bases are not just a foundation; they're a statement. Perfect for your home, office, or business, they blend elegance with robust functionality, making a lasting impression in any space.

Why Choose Industrial Handcraft?

  • Local Connection: We're proud to be a part of Long Island and our commitment to the local community is unwavering. We understand your unique needs and provide a personalized touch to every project.
  • Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality control ensures that every piece we deliver, whether custom or from our product line, is built to last and exceed your expectations.
  • Limitless Creativity: From metalwork to woodworking and beyond, we offer a diverse range of materials and techniques, allowing you to explore endless possibilities for your space.

Get Started Today
Whether you're a homeowner looking to transform your living space or a business owner seeking a distinct aesthetic, Industrial Handcraft is your trusted partner. Let's collaborate and turn your dreams into reality.

Discover the beauty of local craftsmanship, connect with us, and explore our custom solutions and signature products. Together, we'll elevate your surroundings with our unique designs and craftmanship.

We proudly ship our products and custom creations anywhere in the United States, ensuring that the beauty of our craftsmanship reaches your doorstep, no matter where you're located.