center leg middle height cross bar support stabilizer for table legs

Middle Height Crossbar Addition For Trestle Leg

  • $155.00

2x2 square tubing middle leg height crossbar. Create a solid stable table base. Connects to each table leg with 4 bolts. Bolt heads are only visible from the inside using special riv-nut hardware to make it possible to not drill fully through the table leg and have ugly bolts/nuts sticking through outsides of table legs.

I have 3 standard size options. If you need a custom size please purchase the length that is longer than you need and in the notes section tell me what outside distance you want the table base to be. Also be sure to match the color finish as the legs you chose.

When choosing your table base length, it is common to set the legs 15"-24" in from the ends of the table. So if you have your table top or at least know what size you are getting, subtract 30"-48" to get your base length.