About Us

    My name is Justin and I started this business in 2013.  Where I am and what I do now, is not anything I expected or planned when I first began this adventure. 

    A good friend of mine had his own metal shop with a gym equipment line and had purchased a CNC Plasma table.  I was working for a rigging and fabrication shop, so after work and on my days off I learned the program and cut a few small signs to start out, selling them on Etsy.  My wife's friend opened a cupcake store, so for her grand opening I decided to make an industrial wood and steel business sign with a style that I had been wanting to make for a while.  After that sign, I listed it on Etsy and quickly got hired to make a couple larger signs in the same style for a company in South Carolina.  

Steel and wood industrial rustic style custom logo business sign

    My wife and I already had a 2 year old daughter with a boy on the way, so I figured if I'm ever going to do anything on my own, I couldn't wait any longer.  My friend with the CNC plasma cutter needed more room, and I needed to start somewhere, so we decided on splitting another shop space in the same building as his existing shop.

    I thought I would be doing custom fabrication for companies building specialized stands and mezzanines, all that structural kind of stuff.  I wasn't getting any sales in those areas, so I began to focus more on the Etsy and online sales area by creating products for people to buy easily.  My wife mentioned steel table legs, so I started with my 3x2 "X" legs for my own office desk, and haven't looked back.

Metal X leg for a dining table


Owner: Justin Green

Phone: 631-942-9260

Email: Justin@IndustrialHandcraft.com


Metal Shop 
1340 Lincoln Ave STE 3 
Holbrook, NY 11741

If you would like to stop by, please give me a heads up so I can make sure to be here.