Sub-frame addition for stone table top

  • $390.00

1" square tubing frame with support ribs spaced about 8"-12" apart. This is an add-on order to a set of table legs if you have a granite, marble or any stone type table top. Bolts to the top of table legs with 4 connections per leg. Once you get over a certain length, it will have to be made in pieces that bolt together and a 3rd center table leg, or at the very least, an upper crossbar with sub-frame supports is recommended.

When choosing the sub frame size for your stone top, it depends on the thickness and strength of your material to determine how much of a overhang you can have. Typically, the sub frame will be set in from the edges of the table top from 4"-8". If you need a custom size please purchase the dimensions that are longer than you need and in the notes section on checkout tell me what you need the sub-frame to measure. Also be sure to match the color finish as the legs you chose.