Bases For Stone Table Top Tables

This is our most popular setup for anyone who is trying to figure out what table base would work with their stone table top dining table. Granite, quartz, marble or any other type of stone table top need a certain amount of support underneath to assure that it doesn't crack from stress. Our sub-frame addition takes care of the problem with support ribs spaced every 8"-12". The mid-height steel stretcher bar brings it all together and really locks up and stabilizes the base to make it extra safe.

A big concern that a lot of potential customers have is how much weight these steel bases can hold, and that is literally the one thing that absolutely will not be an issue. These bases are made like tanks and after multiple customers have received and finished assembling them, have said that they would most likely be able to hold up their house.

Some factors to take into consideration when figuring out what sizes to choose are how much of a overhang you can have from the table top edge to the the sub-frame, and also how far in the table leg should be from the edge of the table top so that a chair can fit on the end but also not be in the way of leg space for side chairs. For table top to sub-frame overhang, you really never want to go more than 12", I always recommend 8"-10" unless the top is thick enough for 12". The stone table top to leg set-in distance should be around 15"-24" depending on the length of the table top. 

Please contact us if you need assistance in figuring out what to order. We also make steel pedestal bases with subframes to support your stone top.

If the exact size sub-frame that you need isn't listed, then just order the closest available option and leave a note. These standard bases give you a height of 28-1/2" tall from the floor to the top of the table base. This will get you close the typical 30" dining table height when you add your stone table top.